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Puductor 2 Bot

No-contact operations safety means everything

UV-C and Ultra-dry mist disinfections creates a safe environment

UV-C and Ultra-dry mist disinfections creates a safe environment

Puductor 2 create a healthy and safe environment with UV-C and Ultra-dry disinfection.

Automatic Retracing and Releasing

Automatic Retracing and Releasing

The UV-C lamp has a motor interlocking mechanism, and it is kept in a closed state under non-UV working conditions, which can avoid damage to the lamp caused by movement or impact.

Adjustable Atomisation Rate

Adjustable Atomisation Rate

Puductor 2 lower rate is used to maintain the concentration in a semi-open environment and the higher rate can quickly react the target of concentration.

Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection

Puductor 2 minimizes the risk of cross infection and improves sanitary condition for indoor environments.

Customers do not need to replenish the disinfectant solution frequently. And the UV-C lamp is highly effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, securing a 99.99% disinfection rate

Product Specifications


565 x 537 x 1200(mm)




Corrosion and fire-resistant

Reservoir Capacity


Charging Time


Disinfection Time

Max 6H

Disinfection distance

3 meters

Cruise Speed


Irradiation Intensity at 1m

177 μW/cm²


Need update


Puductor2 could be widely used in hospitals, school campus, government hall, transportations, cinemas and bank.

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