Pudu Robot

Pudu Bot

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Frequent Delivery

Frequent Delivery

PuduBot is able to make 400 deliveries per day, releasing the stuff from the repetitive tasks of food delivery so that they can better serve the customers.

Large Carrying Capacity

Large Carrying Capacity

With considerable carrying capacity, the large tray (41x50mm) is twice as efficient as the staff and can serve two tables per delivery.

PUDU Scheduler

PUDU Scheduler

Support collaborative delivery mode and allow 100 PuduBots to work together in a 10,000m2 dining space at most.

Our Most Popular Delivery Robot

Reddot Best Design, China Daily Best Innovation, CES2020 Best Innovation...

Independently developed PUDU SLAM algorithm that integrates the sensors such as laser radar and depth camera, deals with the needs in the complex scenes such as the restaurants , and leads worldwide with the robot auto-driving

Product Specifications


516 x 500 x 1288(mm)




ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Charging Time

4 H

Battery Life

10 - 24 H

Cruise speed

0.5 - 1.2 m/s (Adjustable)

Load Capacity



$45/dayGST incl.

2 Year Plan

Easy finance with Payo

Free warranty for contract period

Monthly payment (Inc. GST)

Rent-Try-Buy or Lease-To-Keep


PuduBot could be widely used in commercial scenarios like restaurants, shopping malls, karaoke, internet cafe, hotel, offices, hospitals and more.

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