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Hola Bot

Efficient Collecting Robot

Large Carrying Capacity

Large Carrying Capacity

Hola has a 120L cabin, including 3 large-capacity trays. The carrying capacity is 120KG, and the collection efficiency can reach 6 times that of the waiter’s manual delivery.

Most Adaptive

Most Adaptive

Hola’s inner cabin is the first in the catering industry to reach IPX5 waterproof, detachable and washable, convenient for staff to load and clean.

Air Motion

Air Motion

The pioneering air motion control technology allows the staff to send HolaBot back to the bussing room by waving atop the sensing area of the robot with contactless

Say Goodbye to Dirty and Repetition Work

HolaBot is a professional bussing robot

Holabot is Pudu's first multi-scenarios collecting robot which innovatively applies autonomous robot to the food, office, medical, industrial and other fields.

Product Specifications


534 × 542 × 1213(mm)




ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Charging Time

4.5 H

Service Time

7×24H (Replaceable Battery)

Cruise speed

0.5 - 1.2 m/s (Adjustable)

Load Capacity

Max 30kg • 13kg/tray


$65/dayGST incl.

2 Year Plan

Easy finance with Payo

Free warranty for contract period

Monthly payment (Inc. GST)

Rent-Try-Buy or Lease-To-Keep


HolaBot could be widely used in commercial scenarios like restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc

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